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Fire Protection for Electrical and Plumbing Installations 

Wherever electrical services and plumbing pipes (whether plastic or metal) pass through a fire rated wall or ceiling,
they must be protected by an intumescent sleeve or collar. When a fire occurs the intumescent seal is activated and
expands into the penetration cavity as the plastic pipe melts. When the intumescent seal expands it forms a fire resistant plug in the penetration, preventing the spread of fire. 

On metal pipe work the intumescent material acts to cool the pipe and also as an insulator between the sides of the firewall or between floors and ceilings. Sleeves and collars are available to fit plastic and metal pipes up to 650mm in diameter.

They are ideal for use on soil, waste, vent  and water supply pipeworks in concrete, masonry, brick walls, plasterboard walls, concrete floors and  hollow core construction floors.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 35 items


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