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For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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Fire Door Components
£46.29 (tax excl.)
£46.29 (excl VAT)
£55.55 (incl VAT)
Fire Proof Cat / Animal Flap Protector Intumescent metal box fits around standard sized cat/dog flaps When exposed to heat, the intumescent material expands and seals the area Maintains integrity of fire doors in...
Fireproof Fillers
£7.50 (tax excl.)
£7.50 (excl VAT)
£9.00 (incl VAT)
A versatile water-based wood filler which can be coated over with either fire protective or intumescent paints -Envirograf Product 42 (HW01 or HW02) or Product 92 (ES/VFR or QVFR) to provide robust protection from...
Cables & Pipes Protection
£4.23 (tax excl.)
£4.23 (excl VAT)
£5.08 (incl VAT)
A hinged, two-part metal collar lined with intumescent material which expands in a fire. It has a quick-release pin to open the unit for fitting around a wide variety of metal or plastic pipes and cables. The collars...
Fireproof Adhesives
£2.90 (tax excl.)
£2.90 (excl VAT)
£3.48 (incl VAT)
A halon-free, acoustic intumescent mastic with good adhesion to all materials for fire stopping gaps up to 60mm. Can be painted over for decorative purposes Fits a standard mastic skeleton gun Colour - White, Black or...
Gap Fillers
£29.77 (tax excl.)
£29.77 (excl VAT)
£35.72 (incl VAT)
A high density rock fibre slab with intumescent coating on both sides, Suitable for use as a permanent fire barrier in walls and floors, giving up to 4 hours fire protection. Intumescent jointing compound is supplied...
Fire Door Upgrades
£47.78 (tax excl.)
£47.78 (excl VAT)
£57.34 (incl VAT)
Intumescent material with facing, to upgrade flat panelled doors to fire-rated doors. The material is faced white card for painting over. Available in rolls, 900mm wide x linear metre. Envirograf Product 38
Vents & Outlets
£79.44 (tax excl.)
£79.44 (excl VAT)
£95.33 (incl VAT)
A cover for fan units mounted on walls . The cover fits around the fan unit and is affixed to the wall. The unit is fronted with an MG Grille (Product 35), fitted with intumescent strips to expand in a fire and seal...
Fire Door Components
£52.61 (tax excl.)
£52.61 (excl VAT)
£63.13 (incl VAT)
An internal flexible fire containment bag for use in areas vunerable to arson or vandalism attacks.The Envirograf flexible fire bag fits to the inside of the door and gives protection as petrol and paper will not...
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