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For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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Fire Door Components
£48.60 (tax excl.)
£48.60 (excl VAT)
£58.33 (incl VAT)
Fire Proof Cat / Animal Flap Protector Intumescent metal box fits around standard sized cat/dog flaps When exposed to heat, the intumescent material expands and seals the area Maintains integrity of fire doors in...
Fireproof Fillers
£7.88 (tax excl.)
£7.88 (excl VAT)
£9.45 (incl VAT)
A versatile water-based wood filler which can be coated over with either fire protective or intumescent paints -Envirograf Product 42 (HW01 or HW02) or Product 92 (ES/VFR or QVFR) to provide robust protection from...
Cables & Pipes Protection
£4.44 (tax excl.)
£4.44 (excl VAT)
£5.33 (incl VAT)
A hinged, two-part metal collar lined with intumescent material which expands in a fire. It has a quick-release pin to open the unit for fitting around a wide variety of metal or plastic pipes and cables. The collars...
Fireproof Adhesives
£3.05 (tax excl.)
£3.05 (excl VAT)
£3.65 (incl VAT)
A halon-free, acoustic intumescent mastic with good adhesion to all materials for fire stopping gaps up to 60mm. Can be painted over for decorative purposes Fits a standard mastic skeleton gun Colour - White, Black or...
Gap Fillers
£31.26 (tax excl.)
£31.26 (excl VAT)
£37.51 (incl VAT)
A high density rock fibre slab with intumescent coating on both sides, Suitable for use as a permanent fire barrier in walls and floors, giving up to 4 hours fire protection. Intumescent jointing compound is supplied...
Fire Door Upgrades
£50.17 (tax excl.)
£50.17 (excl VAT)
£60.20 (incl VAT)
Intumescent material with facing, to upgrade flat panelled doors to fire-rated doors. The material is faced white card for painting over. Available in rolls, 900mm wide x linear metre. Envirograf Product 38
Vents & Outlets
£83.41 (tax excl.)
£83.41 (excl VAT)
£100.09 (incl VAT)
A cover for fan units mounted on walls . The cover fits around the fan unit and is affixed to the wall. The unit is fronted with an MG Grille (Product 35), fitted with intumescent strips to expand in a fire and seal...
Gap Fillers
£5.06 (tax excl.)
£5.06 (excl VAT)
£6.07 (incl VAT)
Intumescent foam expansion joints impregnated with a fire proof material providing 1 or 2 hour of fire protection. Size: 1 metre length  Depth: 30mm for 1 hour protection 40mm for 2 hours protection Envirograf Product 40
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