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Passive Fire Protection doesn't have to be bland. 

Disvover the range of Fire Doors from Vicaima

22 inspiring colours for your Dekordor Fire Door

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Discover the beautiful range of colour possiblities in the Vicaima Dekordor Heavy Duty Door Range. 

Dekordor Heavy Duty (HD) is a manufactured continuous pressure laminate finish. Extra hard wearing, for use in high traffic environments. 

Envision your new door in the 22 inspiring colour possibilities.

Vicaima Dekordor HD Doors can be used in the following environments:

- Student Accomodation

- Medical Environments

- Educational Establishments

- Hotels

- Offices

- Commercial Spaces and Buildings  

Vicaima products are cetified by the FSC®(Forest Stewardship Council®) to  ensures that products derive from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources.

Dekordors are available as a Portaro Door kit, door and farme in matching finish or as an Easi-fit doorkit with white frame. 

For more information visit the Vicaima Website: 

HSP Fire Protection work with Vicaima to supply performance options of the Dekordor (HD)

Including fire doors and acoustic solutions.


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