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Vicaima: Introduction Video

Discover the range of Vicaima Doors, one of Europe's leading supplier of interior door solutions. 

With a dedicated range of Fire Doors which are now available from HSP Fire Protection.

See more on the Vicaima Website

Vicaima: How to Install a Fire Door 

Learn how to properly install a Vicaima fire door with this helpful video guide.

Vicaima fire doors provide 30 minutes fire protection, and acoustic reduction up to 37 decibels. 

Vicaima: Fire Door Test Video

Fire doors are a crucial a part of a buildings passive fire protection system.

They work by helping to protect escape routes, prevent the spread of fire and restrict the amount of oxygen for the flames.

Therefore, correctly installing all elements of a fire door is of vital importance. 

Watch this video to discover what happens when a fire door is incorrectly installed:

Vicaima: Fire Resistance Test for Fire Doors

Envirograf: Fire Protection for Historic Buildings

Sprivers Mansion is a Grade 2 listed building that required passive fire protection to comply with building regulations.

Envirograf worked with the owners of the historic building and the national trust to ensure the building both met regulations, and maintained its historic significance. 

To find out more about Historic Building Fire Protection, Order A Brochure Here

Envirograf: Fire Protection Gaskets for 2015 Regulations

Envirograf: Product 25

Intumescent Protection Sleeves for Cables

Envirograf: Product 13a

New ISPC Collars 

Envirograf: Product 13

Intumescent Collar

Envirograf: Product 52

Flexible Fire Bag for Letterbox Protection

Protect your come or commercial space from burning paper or liquids put through letterbox openings. 

Envirograf: Product 42

Upgrading Doors to Fire Doors 

Using the Envirograf product HW02 Clear Intumescent Coating to provide 30 or 60 minute protection. 

Case Study of Historic Building Fire Protection in Leeds Castle. 

Envirograf: Product 42

HW02 Intumescent Coating to Wooden Beams

Case Study: Bottega Wine Farm Restaurant

Apply Envirograf product HW02 Clear Intumescent coating to wooden beams and ceiling. 

Intumescent Coatings to achieve 30 or 60 minute fire protection. 

Envirograf: Product 26

Intumescent Pads

Envirograf: Product 1, 27 and 29

Intumescent Fire Pillows

Product 1 - Intumescent Fire and Smoke Stop Pillows

Product 27 - Intumescent Trunking Pillows

Product 29 - Intumescent Cable Tray Pillows

Envirograf: Product 33

LV Sleeve Product Demonstration Video

Envirograf: Product 66

Christmas Tree Fire Demonstration

Protect your Christmas Tree with Envirograf 3-2-1 Fireproof Spray

Hoppe: Introduction Video to Hoppe Products

Discover the range of architectural ironmongery by Hoppe, one of Europe's leading suppliers.  

The professionals first choice for interior ironmongery.

At HSP Fire Protection, we supply the Arrone range of architectural hardware products including:

- Door Closer's

- Hinges

- Disabled Fittings 

For more information visit the Hoppe Website.


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