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100 Minutes Under Floor Fire Barrier

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A fire proof fabric barrier providing over 100 minutes integrity and insulation.

It fits between joists and over the top of plasterboard or lath-and-plaster ceilings, giving full fire protection to floorboards and any insulation materials and cables above.

Envirograf Product 53

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The barrier consists of graphite-impregnated cloth, covered with a reinforced Kraft paper and sealed.

The graphite-impregnated side faces downwards and outwards on the sides folded up the joists and this expands in a fire, sealing any void between the barrier and the joists.

Metal fixing plates 30mm x 50mm with a hole drilled in the middle are used to fasten the barrier to the joists with 30mm galvanised clout nails (nails not supplied).

When ordering under-floor fire barrier, the width measurement required is the width between the joists plus 100mm, as there must be a 50mm fold of the barrier fitted to the joist on each side.

For example, if width between joists was 400mm, then you would need to order a barrier with 500mm width.

Fire Performance

The UF104 under-floor barrier was installed in a ceiling/floor without any plasterboard or lath-and-plaster (just the barrier itself) and tested to BS476 Part 21 (1987), achieving 104 minutes integrity, insulation, and load-bearing.


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