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80 Minutes Fire Barrier Curtain


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A yellow reinforced glass cloth 1mm thick, impregnated with Envirograf intumescent material. Available in 1220mm widths up to 40 metres long.

Achieves 80 minutes integrity and 22 minutes insulation.

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For use on steel and timber trusses and between concrete soffits and suspended ceilings. Overlap the joints by 50mm and adhere with the adhesive supplied (one 310ml tube is supplied with orders up to 10m of curtain plus one extra tube for every additional 10m length or part thereof).

FB70 is a 1.2mm thick x 1220mm reinforced glass cloth impregnated with yellow Envirograf insulation coating, giving up to 80 minutes fire integrity.

An acoustic version (FB70/AC) approximately 17mm thick is available with Envirograf sponge adhered to one face of the cloth, meeting the airborne and impact sound requirements of Document E of UK Building Regulations. If more insulation is required, see Envirograf Product 54.


For use in loft areas, from ceilings to the top of partitions, under computer floors, or for wrapping around trunking, steel, and wood. Joints should overlap by 50mm and be adhered with the supplied adhesive and fixed with Envirograf metal straps (FB/C1).

The straps can be cut with metal snips. Openings can be made in the barrier for access doors or drop vents. 

Fire Performance

Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987), achieving 81 minutes integrity and 22 minutes insulation.


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