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Envirograf Fire Proof Cat /Dog Flap Protector for Fire Rated Doors


Fire Proof Cat / Animal Flap Protector

An easy to fit intumescent animal entrance flap for fire-rated doors in apartments and houses. In a fire, the intumescent material would expand, filling the hole and maintaining the integrity of the fire door. 

  • The intumescent metal frame fits around standard sized cat/dog flaps
  • When exposed to heat, the intumescent material expands and seals the area
  • Maintains integrity of fire doors in apartment blocks and houses
  • Cat/dog flaps are not supplied with this product

£50.02 (tax excl.)
£50.02 (excl VAT)
£60.02 (incl VAT)
  • White
  • Brown
  • Grey
Staywell Flap Cutout Size

About Fire Proof Cat / Animal Flap Protector

Envirograf Product 118


Product 118 is an intumescent animal flap protector for fire-rated doors. The metal box houses an intumescent strip which when exposed to heat of over 120C will expand and seal the hole preventing the spread of flame.

The internal intumescent material does not affect the operation of the flap. The Fire Proof Animal Flap protectors are also fitted with PVC-faced sponge making insufficiently smooth for your cat or dog to pass through.

These cat/dog flap protectors are designed to fit around standard cat/dog flaps. The cat or dog flap itself is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

The protectors are sized for Staywell animal flaps.

For a complete list of sizes go to the tab labelled Staywell Flap Type.

This product can be made to order, if your size is not shown please call us for more information and pricing. 

Animal Flap Protector Sizes

Staywell Flap TypeStaywell Flap Cutout SizeFlap Protector Cutout Size
FPO1 Series 300/400/500 168mm x 175mm   238mm x 245mm 
FP02  Series 600 (Small) 245mm x 150mm 315mm x 220mm
FP03  Series 600 (Medium) 348mm x 225mm  418mm x 295mm
FP04  Series 600 (Large) 451mm x 277mm  522mm x 348mm 
FP05  Series 600 (Extra Large) 642mm x 366mm  733mm x 457mm
FP06  Series 700 (Small) 185mm x 158mm 255mm x 228mm
FP07  Series 700 (Medium) 281mm x 237mm   350mm x 305mm
FP08  Series 700 (Large) 370mm x 314mm 440mm x 385mm
FP10  Series 900 169mm x 169mm 241mm x 241mm
FP11 251mm x 251mm  323mm x 323mm 
FP12 210mm x 227mm 281mm x 298mm
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questions Joanne

I have a Staywell 32 now a 932 catflap which cover would I need? Thank You


Hello, for the Staywell 932 the cut out would be 169mm x 169mm which means the FP10 would be the correct size.

questions Sarah

Hi looking at buying Which of the size fire flaps would I need to buy from yourselves? Many thanks


Hello Sarah,


You will want the FP07 for your chosen cat flap.


Best regards,

Holman Paints Team

questions Debra

does this only fit the staywell flaps? If so is there a list of ones it fits anywhere



There are standard models and custom made units availible to suit many animal flaps. Please contact us via phone or email with dimensions and we can recommend the correct model.

Best regards,

Holman Paints Team.

questions Tedra Jeffries

Will this work with a cat flap which uses microclip latch opening?



Yes this should be fine, the only limitation would be to units that are made with aluminium are not suitable. Feel free to contact us with flap dimensions and cut out dimensions to get the correct model.

Best regards,

Holman Paints Team. 

questions Martyn

Hello there, we currently live in a lease hold flat and the council have said they need to replace our front door with an up to date fire rated door. We currently have a cat flap but the council are saying with the new door we cannot have one. Please can you confirm that by installing your cat flap protector we would be compliant. Thanks in advance, Martyn Eyre


Hello Martyn,

Yes the protector unit would be compliant, the protector unit gives up to 60 minutes of fire and smoke protection after the release of a thermal link when the temperature reaches 70°C (approximately 4 minutes into the fire).

The protector unit comes in various sizes and can be made to suit, please feel free to contact us directly for further guidance.

Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987) achieving 68 minutes protection.

Tested to EN1366-3 (2009).


HSP Fire Protection 

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