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4 Hours Intumescent Wrap

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An economical easy to fit foil-clad intumescent wrap for pipes and cables passing through brick or block fire walls and ceilings. The wrap provides 4 hours fire protection.

Envirograf Product 7

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The wrap is fitted into the hole, leaving a 10mm gap back from the wall face for pointing with sand and cement or slab coating.

The wraps will seal the void around PVC pipes and cables and will cool steel pipes when attacked by fire.

A label is supplied to adhere to treated pipes or cables for identification to the relevant authorities.

The wrap provides up to 4 hours protection.

Used for fire-stopping gaps around cables and pipes from 15mm-600mm diameter as they pass through block and brickwork walls, floors or ceilings

Will crush melting PVC or UPVC pipes/cables in a fire, filling the gap to prevent fire and smoke spreading

Provides effective insulation for metal pipes, absorbing the heat from the pipe to prevent it from spreading through the structure

25mm wraps will provide 1 hour protection, 30mm wraps will provide 3 hours protection, 50mm and 100mm wraps will provide 3-4 hours

Available in a continuous 10m roll which can be cut to size to fit services of practically of any diameter

Range also includes a repair kit which can be used to fill small openings around existing services, offering up to 2 hours fire resistance

Materials will not degrade, lasting a lifetime in-situ.


Standard Wrap:

Wrap around the pipe or cable at the point where it passes through the wall, floor or ceiling.
The attached adhesive strip is then used to fix both ends of the wrap together.
Push the wrap into the hole around the service, leaving 10mm protruding from the wall face which can be pointed around as required.

Continuous Wrap:

Wrap comes in a 10m roll and must be cut to size and applied in layers.

The 30mm wrap is for pipes from 15mm-200mm in diameter and should be applied as follows

i. For pipes 15mm-65mm in diameter, adhere one layer to the pipe
ii. For pipes 75mm-127mm in diameter, adhere two layers to the pipe
iii. For pipes 160mm-200mm in diameter, adhere three layers to the pipe

The 50mm wrap is for pipes from 40mm-400mm in diameter and should be applied as follows:

i. For pipes 40mm-115mm in diameter, adhere one layer to the pipe
ii. For pipes 127mm-215mm in diameter, adhere two layers to the pipe
iii. For pipes 250mm-400mm in diameter, adhere three layers to the pipe
The wrap has an adhesive strip on one side, which is easily adhered to the pipe once cut to size

Fire Performance

This product underwent a series of fire resistance tests employing the general procedures and criteria of BS476 Parts 20/21/22 (1987).

It has has been tested on sealing penetrations of various pipes passing through different types of floors and walls. Integrity results of up to 249 minutes were achieved.

Also tested at VNE to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000)

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