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Envirograf ES/VFR Adhesion Primer for Fire Retardant Paints and Lacquers


A clear, waterborne adhesion primer for new timber and previously coated surfaces.

Provides the perfect surface for intumescent and fire retardant coatings.

£26.80 (excl VAT)

About Waterborne Adhesion Primer for use with Envirograf Fire Protection Coatings

A matt finish, low-odour waterborne primer for use on new timber and previously varnished or painted surfaces.

It provides good adhesion, opacity and grain-filling properties and provides a first-class foundation for Envirograf Fire Protection Coatings. Suitable for Interior wood paneling, doors, skirting, architraves, furniture, cabinets, walls, MDF, previously coated with waterborne, alkyd or acid catalysed paints.

Preparation and Application

Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from grease, dirt, oil, wax, rust, all loose material and surface contamination. Ensure that existing glossy, gloss painted and filled surfaces are thoroughly flatted down. Ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly prepared.

Note: Discoloration of paint, especially noticeable within light colours, may occur over knots and resinous areas present in the wood. Particular attention with regards to preparation should be given to wood such as oak, teak, cedar, douglas fir, mahogany and idigbo, etc., which contain oil and water-soluble tannin which may impair the drying, hardening or adhesion of surface coatings and discolour the finished surface.

Prime all metal and potential rust spots with Metal Primer if overcoating with an opaque fire retardant coating.


Brush, roller or spray application. Polyester and nylon paint brushes are best suited for the application.


If necessary thin by up to 10% with water.

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