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Fire Protection for Bathroom and Kitchen Vents


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A fibre free intumescent sleeve which allows the expansion and contraction of ventilation ducting, giving protection from fire, smoke and corrosion.

Consists of a 140mm pipe section which fits tightly inside the end of the ventilation pipe and a circular outlet which is screwed into the wall or ceiling.

It has intumescent material at both ends to seal off ventilation systems in a fire.

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Envirograf Firoblock Sleeves are made of a fibre free Intumescent Material which allows the expansion and contraction of pipes and ptrovides protection from corrosion often caused by contact with cement blocks, etc.

The sleeves can be easily cut with a sharp knife and off cuts can be joined together with tape. In the case of a fire the Intumescent Sleeve will expand sealing the gap between the pipe and wall offering up to four hours fire and smoke protection.

Used for pipes passing through fire rated walls and ceilings that must be allowed to expand and contract. The intumescent material will stay in situ until activated by a fire reaching 130ºc, approximately 1-2 minutes into a fire.

The Intumescent wall sleeves will last a lifetime in situ and will not degrade or deteriorate.

For every 1mm of intumescent material when activated in a fire it will expand to approximately 25mm (e.g. 2mm intumescent = 50mm expansion)

  • No more corrosion problems due to copper pipes having contact with concrete surfaces.
  • Meets all regulations.
  • Allows for expansion and contraction of hot pipes and gives up to four hours protection.
  • Easy to cut, no more hacksawing and de-burring steel pipes.
  • Envirograf Sleeves can be cut with a knife, and off cuts can be taped together leaving no waste.

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