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Fire Retardant Paint for Wood ES/VFR - Envirograf 92

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ES/VFR Fire Retardant Paint for Wood 

Envirograf Product 92

Apply 2 coats for Class 0 and 1 coat for Class 1 spread of flame protection

Complies with UK & EU Fire Regulations

For use on new & previously coated interior and exterior wood

Requires a protective top coat

Supplied in clear, white or can be tinted to any colour

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ES/VFR Fire Retardant Paint for Wood

Envirograf Product 92

Fire protection doesn't have to compromise your building's appearance...

Envirograf ES/VFR fire resistant paints dry to an attractive hard-wearing finish.

They are available in ready-mixed white and clear or can be tinted to any colour from any trade, professional or DIY colour card. 

ES/VFR products are designed to upgrade new and existing wood to comply with both UK and European Fire Regulations. Envirograf's ES/VFR fire resistant paint system provides wooden surfaces Class 0 or Class 1 spread of flame protection.

To achieve Class 0 protection, two coats of ES/VFR paint at 12-15m2 per litre must be applied, for Class 1 protection, apply 1 coat. A protective top coat must be applied over ES/VFR paint to guarantee durability and fire protection. You can apply ES/VFR coatings just as you would any other paint, using a brush, roller or spray.

ES/VFR products can be applied to all types of interior and exterior wood including; bamboo, hardwood, softwood, veneer, MDF, and melamine boards.

ES/VFR Primer - water-based fire retardant primer for interior and exterior wood 

A water based primer which provides a first class foundation for Envirograf's ES/VFR fire retardant coating. ES/VFR primer provides good adhesion, high opacity and grain filling properties.

ES/VFR primer is needed when coating surfaces which have previous coatings of wax, paint or varnish and when coating untreated Oak.

This product MUST be overcoated with a protective Interior or Exterior topcoat to increase its lifetime and guarantee fire protection.

Technical Data
Coverage 10-12m2 per Litre
Application Brush, Roller or Spray
Waterbased Yes
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 2 hours
Colour Clear, White, or Tinted to your Colour
Thinning max 5% if spraying
Clean Up Water

Fire Retardant ES/VFR

Health and Safety Datasheet

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Fire Protection Paints

How do Fire Protection Coatings Work

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Fire Performance

ES/VFR and QVFR coatings have had numerous tests on many surfaces to meet BS476 Part 6 (1989) Spread of Flame and BS476 Part 7 (1989) Spread of Flame.

Complies with Classification B/S1/d0 of European Standard EN13501 Parts EN13823 (2002) single burn test (SBI) and EN11925-2 (2002) ignitability.


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