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Electrical Protection Unit

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Easy to fit electrical covers for fuseboxes and can be cut to accommodate cables, conduits or trunking entering the units.

Sizes refer to the internal size of the Protection Unit.

For overall external size, add 50mm to both the width and height.

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The Envirograf electrical consumer unit / fuse box cover is designed to protect consumer units, fuse boxes, and switch boxes along escape routes such as staircases or corridors.

The unit is easy to fit over the electrical units and can be cut to accommodate cables, conduits or trunking entering the units.

It is ideal for homes of multiple occupation (HMOs), apartment blocks and corridors in hotels, offices and factories.

The cover protects escape routes if the electrics overheat. The intumescent lining expands in a fire, safely sealing off the unit and stopping air from entering the cover, to stifle any fire.

It is available in five standard sizes, with special sizes available on request.

Also the access doors to the covers can be hinged to open to the side or to drop downwards (please state your preference when ordering). The access doors are fastened by metal turn buttons.


The Intumescent Electrical Consumer Unit Fire Protection System simply
fits over the existing unit and is then fixed with screws.

Small holes can be made in the frame to allow for conduits or ducting. In the event of a fire the intumescent material will fill these gaps for complete fire protection. You will need to allow a 30mm minimum clearance on all sides for connections.

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