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Dekordor SD Visual Sensations Cross Directional Woodgrain CDW Fire Doors by Vicaima EX5.0/0T CDW

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Vicaima Visual Sensations are an exciting range of foil wood grain and colour combinations in FD30 (30 min) & FD60 (60 min) rated doors

Thicknesses of 44mm (FD30), 54mm (FD60)

Excellent sound proofing properties

Consistent face matching foil finish

Solid wood core

Please note,  Except CDW Mountain all colours are made to order

FD60 are made to order, call us on 01793 525 241 for details.

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Brand: Vicaima

Product Info

Vicaima Visual Sensations are an exciting range of wood grain and colour combinations that provide the interior designer with a contemporary alternative to real wood veneers.

As with all Dekordor ranges, Visual Sensations offers a consistent of face surface and cost effective door finish which is suitable for numerous applications including homes and offices.

Unique to Vicaima, Visual Sensations presents contemporary designs in colours ranging from light to dark.  

The doors are supplied lipped on two edges in Ash as standard for on-site staining where required or can also be supplied edge banded with the same foil finish.

Performance meets the highest of requirements with FD30 and FD60 fire doors, security and acoustic options.

With their real wood appearance and consistent colour and grain patterns, these doors are the much needed solution for multiple door installation. Dekordor fire doors are ideal for application in apartment blocks, hotels & leisure venues, education & health facilities, social housing and commercial development.

Vicaima continuous pressure laminate provides a durable solution for areas in constant use. Ideal for more demanding location, this tough laminate finish is wear and scratch resistant with protection from UV shading.

Vicaima is the building industry's first choice for fire doors and door-kits. It is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of Fire Doors, Door Kits and Door sets. 

Vicaima focuses on providing high performance doors that exceed both market and regulatory demands, particularly in regard to fire door performance, acoustic doors and wider door widths for disabled access.

They are ideal for application in apartment blocks, hotels & leisure venues, education & health facilities, social housing and commercial development.

On site, lippings will require sealing with tinted lacquer on the vertical edges.

Fire door sizes are listed in both imperial and metric measurements with single and double leaf configurations available.

All Vicaima doors are FSC certified.

Vicaima Fire Doors in the UK are tested by BM TRADA to BS476 Part 22 (1987) and third party accredited by both the British Woodworking Federation, under the BWF-Certifire scheme and by BM TRADA under the Q-Mark accreditation scheme.

10 years Guarantee

Vicaima doors and frames are guaranteed for 10 years against faulty materials or manufacture, provided that the doors are maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations. We are unable to guarantee against warping, twisting and bowing when the doors are fitted in a pocket system or in sliding door situation or any other situation where our doors are not fitted with 3no traditional steel butt hinges.

Vicaima doors are not guaranteed against warping, twisting or bowing when fitted in locations that have large heat differential on either side of the door, i.e when doors are fitted to apartment entrances and there is an unheated corridor or to an integral garage situation, etc.

Quality and Environmental Control

Vicaima undergo rigorous quality control to achieve the highest possible quality products and services for our customers.

This has been recognised with the award of the international quality rating ISO 9001:2008.

As a responsible and environmentally aware manufacturer, Vicaima promotes the use of technologies and substances which minimize pollution and is focused upon using timber products from renewable and certified forest resources.

Vicaima is certified under the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Vicaima doors, are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), which ensures that they derive from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources.



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