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Fireproof Sponge for Gaps up to 60mm

New product

Intumescent foam expansion joints impregnated with a fire proof material providing 1 or 2 hour of fire protection.

Size - 1 metre length 


30mm for 1 hour protection

40mm for 2 hours protection

Envirograf Product 40


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Product Info

A new type of expansion joint for gaps up to 60mm, where the sponge is impregnated with a fireproof material.

 It is used under raised floors in computer suites or hospitals and will expand around cables and services in a fire, giving a smoke and fire seal.

Fire Performance

Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987) achieving 138 minutes integrity.

Also tested at VNE to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000).


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