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Intumescent Non-Fibrous Fire Stop Block

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Non-flammable, non-fibrous, compressible foil clad intumescent and sponge blocks that can be fitted around PVC pipes, cables, and steel services in walls or floors. They can be easily removed for maintenance or service.

Suitable for use in computer rooms, sterile and clean areas.

50mm thick blocks are 1 hour rated, 100mm blocks are 2 hour rated

Size - width x thickness

Envirograf Product 3

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A non-flammable, non-fibrous and compressible foil clad sponge intumescent block, 1200mm long, with self-adhesive tape fitted down both sides of the foil for joining together. The blocks are designed to form a fire and smoke barrier.

Suitable for use in computer rooms, sterile and clean areas. As they are non-fibrous they are safe for hospitals.

Can be compressed together, taken out to work on services, cable trays, etc and then re-fitted both in walls and floors.

Ideal as a fire break under suspended computer floors or between screen walling and concrete floors. They can be used with Envirograf wraps and pipe collars for PVC pipes and electrical services.

Fire Performance

Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987), achieving 138 minutes integrity.

Tested at VNE to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000).


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