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Profiled Fireproof Sponge for Cladding Panels

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The sponge is designed to seal the profile areas in roofing sheets at the contact point of the fire barrier. The sponge can be supplied cut to the profile shape. The sponge slides into the profile cavity and is fixed using cement filler.

Envirograf Product 41

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Can be cut to shape or supplied ready-profiled for use between shaped roofing sheets and RSJs or walls etc. Supplied in 1m or 2m lengths. Fire Sponge is ideal as a filler for large areas where intumescent ready-mixed cement is being used. The sponge can be used under roofing sheets, between walls and floors, or as packing around small openings and can be faced with Envirograf Cement Filler. The sponge is also available in sheets.

Profile dimensions;

A    Horizontal width at the top of the profile

B    Horizontal width at the bottom of the profile

C    Vertical height between top and bottom surfaces

D    Depth



Fire Proof Sponge

Technical Datasheet

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Fire Proof Sponge

Application Datasheet

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Fire Proof Sponge

Health and Safety Datasheet

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Fire Performance

This product has been used in a fire resistance test employing the general procedures and criteria of BS476 Part 22 (1987) achieving an integrity of 240 minutes.


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