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Intubatt 3


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Firetherm Intubatt 3 is a strong, fast-fit flexible fire seal for curtain wall, slab edge and vertical cladding applications.

Use - facade and internal movement and slab edge seals up to 600 mm +/- 7.5% movement

- Low cost

- Simple to install

- Fully tested at Exova BM TRADA up to 4 hours integrity

- Easy to cut

Dimensions, 1200mm x 600mm x100mm

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Intubatt 3 is a strong pre-coated, pre-engineered rock fibre movement-joint fire seal that provides significant movement accommodation at the same time as providing fire integrity, insulation and an effective smoke seal.

Intubatt 3 is a specially formulated high density low binder fibrous lamella sandwich-like system coated on one side with an ablative fire rated flexible coating. The material is not a health, spill or environmental hazard.

Fire tested at Warrington Fire Research and Trada to provide a fire seal in joints up to 200mm without support.

Intubatt 3 has been specifically designed as a strong, fast-fit curtain wall/slab-edge /vertical cladding* flexible fire seal. The system requires no fixings* for horizontal gaps up to 200 mm.

Intubatt 3 comprises of two components both of which have been pre-configured by Firetherm to achieve outstanding fire and movement capabilities.

The system is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications and can offer an acoustic capability of up to 52 dB (floor slab), limited by substrate. Client is required to add Intumastic to all joints to create an effective smoke seal.

For use within: floor seals, slab to slab, slab to cladding, slab to blockwork, slab to glazing.

Combustible pipework, steel pipework and cables can be accommodated. 



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