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Envirograf Intumescent Thixotropic Adhesive providing up to 120 minutes integrity


A high performance intumescent adhesive for fixing wood, plasterboard, concrete, foam backing of carpet, ceiling tiles, etc.

Provides up to 120 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation.

Used to adhere Envirograf intumescent paper onto door panels in fire resistance testing to BS476 Part 22 (1987) on various doors with differing constructions, achieving integrity and insulation up to 68 minutes.

Tested to BS476 Part 21 (1987), achieving 90 minutes integrity.

Tested in Spain to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000), achieving 2 hours integrity.

Tested to EN 1634-1 : 2000 at Efectis for fire doors

Envirograf Product 46

£7.83 (excl VAT)

About Intumescent Thixotropic Adhesive

A water-based acrylic intumescent thixotropic adhesive, which when set is water resistant.

Also for use with Envirograf plain intumescent material, card faced and veneer faced intumescent material.

Surfaces should be cleaned prior to application to ensure good bond results.

If applying to wood, rub down with glass paper, dust off to give a 'KEY' for the adhesive.

Apply evenly to both surfaces with a comb applicator and press the surfaces together.

Rub down with a small wallpaper roller to make sure it has a good adhesion.

Wipe off any excess using a damp sponge.

Tools can be cleaned in warm water after use.

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What is the drying time for this adhesive?


TACK FREE TIME: 5 – 10 minutes, depending on thickness, room temperature and humidity.

FULL CURE: Approximately 24 hours. Full bond strength after 48 hours

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