For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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Architects and Specifier Resources

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Architects and Specifier Resources

At HSP Fire Protection we have the resources and experience to provide assistance in project planning and execution within the United Kingdom and overseas.

All projects and applications introduce their own specific challenges and with over 30 years’ experience in the supply of passive fire protection products we are able to suggest solutions for your fire stopping plans.

We provide thorough support packages that have been tried and tested by component manufacturers and building contractors alike.

All our products reflect the latest thinking in fire stopping to provide assurance and confidence in their application and performance.

The degree to which our involvement takes for form of;

Product Data

Technical data, Application and Installation methodology for contractors and Independent Fire Test Results.

Sample supply and preparation

We have particular expertise in the provision of fire protection coating system that also provide a decorative element.

Coating samples are available in any colour or semi-transparent shade in either wet form for you to conduct your own application tests.

Alternatively, we are also able to coat your timber samples with the preferred protection system for testing colour schemes prior to your presentation to client.

Onsite Contractor Support

Once the project starts, we are happy to visit onsite to provide application advice to contractors to ensure our products are applied correctly to achieve the level of protection specified.

Typical projects where our expertise and products are used include;

  • Coating systems for CLT and Timber new builds

  • Fire protection for exterior Timber Cladding

  • Fire Protection of services passing through fire walls and voids

  • Fire stopping barriers for Rainscreen cladding for multi-storey constructions

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