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Glazing Bead System for Fire Doors and Screens 30 and 60 Minutes Protection

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An easy to use glazing system ideal for doors and screens.

Fire rating

30 minutes glazing - 10mm hardwood

30 minutes glazing - 15mm softwood

60 minutes glazing - 25mm hardwood

Prices shown are for one 2100 mm bead

Envirograf Product 79

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A complete glazing system consisting of a 2100mm length timber bead coated and sealed with intumescent coating.The timber bead can be painted or stained and are supplied with fixing pins or screws for fixing at 200mm intervals along it's length.

The image above shows two glazing beads


Glazing Bead System

Health and Safety Datasheet

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Fire Performance

This product was used in a number of fire resistance tests employing the general procedures and criteria of BS476 Part 22 (1987), achieving an integrity of over 45 minutes (10mm thick hardwood and 15mm thick softwood) and over 68 minutes (25mm hardwood).


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