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Intumescent Glazing Strips

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A 2mm thick compressible intumescent strip, self adhesive backed that fits to the bead each side of the glazing.

Fire rating -

30 minutes - 8mm,10mm and 15mm width

60 minutes - 20mm and 23mm width

Envirograf Product 77

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Product Info

A compressible intumescent strip 2mm thick, finished in white, black, brown, red, and grey, with double-sided tape on one side. Supplied in 10m rolls. Used in timber/steel doors and partitioning.

Although the seal is 2mm thick it will compress to 0.5 mm without affecting its performance.

Fire Performance

This product was used in a number of fire resistance tests employing the general procedures and criteria of BS476 Part 22 (1987). An integrity of 45 minutes (10mm thick hardwood or 15mm thick softwood) and up to 65 minutes (20mm wide hardwood) was achieved. 

A 15mm strip was tested in aluminium window frames achieving 49 minutes integrity.


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