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Intumescent Grilles for Doors and Walls

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A flat plate intumescent grille for doors or walls providing up to 73 minutes of fire protection. There is a choice of either a plain slot type for more ventilation or a louvered slot that reduces viewing.

They can be fitted one one side or both sides of a door or wall opening.

Ordering sizes are based on the opening size, (height x width)

Overall size is 50mm larger on each dimension

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The Envirograf Intumescent Grille consists of an inner and outer plate typically fitted to the risk side of the door or wall.

It is able to provide fire protection for many ventilation openings including:

- Ceilings

- Fire rated doors

- Walls

- Entry points for ventilation ducting

- Fan covers

The inner and outer plate houses the intumescent material that in a fire, would seal up the slot in 40 under seconds and provide one hour fire protection.

It is suitable for internal and external fitting, including ceilings.

An insect and fly screen mesh can be supplied for fixing behind the grille face for sterile work areas.

Where the risk side of the opening is identified as being both sides (such as a corridor or the top of a staircase) grilles would be fitted to both sides.


The plain slotted grille provides 6cm free ventilation area per slot

The louvred slot grille provides 3.2cm free ventilation area per slot


Product 35 TDS

Product 35 Technical Data Sheet

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Product 35 TDS

Product 35 Technical Data Sheet Chart

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Fire Performance

Tested to BS476 Parts 20 and 22 (1987), achieving 66 minutes on one side only; and BS476

Part 22 (1987), achieving an integrity of 73 minutes. Also tested to EN1363-1 (2000).


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