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Acoustic Cover for Low Voltage Downlighter

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Acoustic downlighter covers to restore the fire wall integrity required by British Standard Regulations.

The downlighter covers allow light fittings to operate without overheating, whilst maintaining the fire rating integrity of the ceiling to which they are fitted, enabling 30 minutes or 60 minutes of fire rating to be maintained.

Envirograf Product 32A

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New loft requirements mean that there should be more insulation in domestic and commercial buildings. Envirograf downlighter covers have been made stronger to take the insulation material over the top or the insulation material can be cut and fitted around the cover.

The new Envirograf cover meets the thermal requirements of Document L of UK Building Regulations.

The new covers ventilate, dispersing heat and seal in a fire, stopping the heat and flames from escaping into the roof space.

Fire Performance

This product has been tested employing the general procedures of BS476 Parts 22, 23, and 23 (Clause 5) (1987), in various ceiling and floor constructions.

Integrity results of up to 240 minutes have been achieved. Also tested to NEN 6069 (1997).


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