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Intumescent Downlighter Covers

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Intumescent Downlighter Cover

Intumescent material expands when exposed to heat preventing spread of flame

Restores fire integrity of walls and ceilings

Adheres to British Standard regulations on fire and acoustic protection

Lightweight, flexible covers

Easy to install in under 5 minutes

For use on suspended or plasterboard ceilings and walls

Envirograf Product 32

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Downlighters are a popular lighting system and a little known fire hazard. If not properly protected, they can reduce the integrity of plasterboard and suspended ceilings to offering just 4 minutes of fire protection.

Intumescent Downlighter Cover Options

To restore the integrity required by British Standards for Fire Protection, Envirograf have created fire rated, intumescent downlighter covers. The downlighter covers are supplied in a number of options, the standard intumescent covers, acoustic covers, covers for low voltage downlighters, intumescent downlighter adapters and intumescent fire cages.

Standard Intumescent Downlighter Covers

Installation is simple - it will only take about 5 minutes and can be done above or below the ceiling. To prevent light heads from overheating, the intumescent covers are well ventilated, with cable entries on top. Cables can be passed under the rim of the cover to connect to transformers. Transformers do not require protection as British Standards only call for protection of the light fitting.

Acoustic Downlighter Covers

Acoustic downlighter covers offer both fire protection and sound absorption.

The covers have been tried and tested to ensure lights can operate without overheating. When fitted with the acoustic downlighter covers, lights can fully operate without compromising the fire protection of the building. The acoustic downlighter covers meet Document E of UK Building Regulations for impact and airborne sound.

Acoustic Covers for Low Voltage Downlighters (over recessed light fittings) see separate product - Intumescent Covers for Low Voltage Downlighters

New building standards stipulate that additional protection is required for downlighters in loft conversions. Then new Envirograf downlighter cover for lofts has been made stronger to take intumescent material over the top, alternatively, the intumescent material can be cut to fit around the cover.


Fire Performance

This product has been tested employing the general procedures of BS476 Parts 22, 23, and 23 (Clause 5) (1987), in various ceiling and floor constructions.

Integrity results of up to 240 minutes have been achieved. Also tested to NEN 6069 (1997).


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