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Envirograf ES/VFR Fire Retardant Clear Lacquer for Interior and Exterior Woodwork


Envirograf ES/VFR Fire Retardant Clear Lacquer is a high quality fire retardant lacquer for use on new and previously coated interior and exterior wood.

Apply by brush, roller or spray.

ES/VFR Clear Lacquer has undergone numerous tests in the U.K, Europe and the U.S and is classified under;

  • BS476 Part 6 (1989) ,BS476 Part 7 (1989) 
  • B/S1/d0 of European Standard EN13501 Parts EN13823 (2002) single burn test (SBI) and EN11925-2 (2002) ignitability.
  • UL Classification ANSI/UL723 Tenth edition, (ASTM E84-13A) 

Envirograf ES/VFR requires a protective topcoat to preserve its' fire performance qualities. This is available in a Matt, Satin or Gloss finish.

£28.84 (tax excl.)
£28.84 (excl VAT)
£34.61 (incl VAT)

About ES/VFR Fire Retardant Clear Lacquer for External/Internal Wood 

ES/VFR Clear Lacquer Fire Retardant is formulated to upgrade new and existing wood to comply with both UK and European Fire Regulations. 

To achieve the necessary classifications, two coats of ES/VFR Clear Lacquer at 10m2 per litre must be applied.

A protective top coat needs to be applied over ES/VFR Clear Lacquer to guarantee durability and fire protection. 

You can apply ES/VFR coatings just as you would any other paint, using a brush, roller or spray.

ES/VFR products can be applied to all types of interior and exterior wood including;

  • bamboo
  • hardwood
  • softwood
  • veneer
  • MDF
  • and melamine boards.

On previously coated surfaces and components manufactured from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glulam, an Adhesion Primer may be required.

The primer is referenced  ES/VFR Primer and is a water-based adhesion primer for interior and exterior wood.  It provides good adhesion, high opacity and grain filling properties.

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questions Robert Smith

Is This material beter than Euro Class B-s3,d2 ?


The Envirograf system would be to a Class 0 fire rating, which is a better rating than B.s3.d2

questions Claudiu

Is this a class 0


2 coats of ES/VFR will provide Class 0 spread of flame protection.

Please note, a protective topcoat will also be required.

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