Plumbing, Ventilation and Electrical Protection

Fireproof protection for
Cables & Trunking
HVAC units
Lighting Sockets & Electrical units

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Paint and Coatings

Class 0/Class 1 Flame Retardants for Wood, Plastics, Textiles
Intumescent Paint for Door Upgrades
Tinted to any colour
Interior and Exterior use

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Rainscreen Cavity Barriers

Seals holes, Penetrations & Cavities in a fire
Flexible & moisture-resistant
For Timber, Brick or block walls & rainscreen cladding

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Fireproof Boards and Barriers

Unrivalled acoustic, heat insulation & fire protection
Strong & low-weight
Non hazardous
Easily processed

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Coatings for Timber Frames During Construction

Provide up to 60 minutes protection

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